1824 Kentucky Hemp Crop Nearly 2,000,000 Pounds!

Could it be the Civil War was fought over Hemp vs. Cotton rather than North vs. South?


Report of the Secretary of the Navy.


No. I

Extract of a letter from Manufacturers in New York, dated 29th July, 1824.

“We have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 20th, desiring for information respecting the cultivation and manufacture of hemp in the United States; and it affords us much pleasure to comply with your require, as far as our own experience and knowledge of the subject, together with the hints derived from other respectable sources, may enable us.

A considerable portion of the lands in the states of Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana, is well adapted to the profitable culture of hemp.  It may be grown to the advantage in several of the counties of state of New York, and on the borders of the Connecticut River; or, indeed, in any of the middle and eastern states, where the soil is composed of a rich loam, or on alluvial bottoms.”


Indiana Hemp

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