BREAKING: Eli Lilly & Co. Cannabis / Hemp Study

Eli Lilly & Company have a LONG HISTORY of Cannabis & Hemp.

Since at least the 1890s a documented relationship exists between Purdue University / Eli Lilly & Company, and has been responsible to no less than 30 years of Cannabis & Hemp RESEARCH from 1890s to 1930s resulting in Eli Lilly, Jr. writing his Doctoral theses about Cannabis, and numerous Lilly Cannabis products with 100s, or 1000s or outlets Nationwide.

Eli Lilly botanists worked with Purdue University to RE-establish Cannabis/Hemp in Indiana for at least the 3RD TIME.

  1.  Cannabis Americanus was grown from the time of Christopher Columbus “Discovery” of America (1492) until King George II issued the Currency Acts of 1743, and 1764 leading to the “1st Cannabis/Hemp Revolutionary War”
  2. Next Cannabis/Hemp thrived in Indiana with a processing plant located near Lafayette.  Again, Cannabis/Hemp was attacked.  This time due PATENTED Harvesting & Processing techniques that made Hemp 6X as productive as Cotton and soon to be PATENTED Hemp Plastic (1863).  BOTH of these events along with the FLAX DODDER tainting of Hemp planting seed AND exploitation of the workforce with slave-like conditions led to the “2nd Cannabis/Hemp Revolutionary War” (War of Northern Aggression/War Between The States/Civil War).lilly-thesis
  3. And finally this surge around 1890s after the 1871 “hostile takeover” of United States of America by USA, Inc. which led to bombing of Germany in the “3rd Cannabis/Hemp Revolutionary War” (World War I) to destroy the I.G. Farben labs, AND transfer their Cannabis/Hemp research patents to E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Company as spoils of war.

NOTE:  World War II appears to merely be Act II of the Prohibition on Cannabis/Hemp that began in World War I, and now we find ourselves on the cusp of Act III (World War III) as Cannabis / Hemp become KNOWN ONCE AGAIN AS A MIRACLE PLANT.

It is uncanny how Governments seem to conjure up boogey-men AND wars EVERY time Cannabis/Hemp makes a surge into the Collective Consciousness.

Eli Lilly, Jr, son of Eli Lilly, Manager of Research – Eli Lilly & Co., wrote his 1907 Doctoral theses, Doctorate of Pharmacology:  “The Comparative Physiological Effects of Several Varieties of Cannabis Sativa” complimenting the hiring of Botanist Fred A. Miller.  Eli Lilly, & Company botanists have a long relationship of researching Cannabis & Hemp.  This began in or around the 1890s in association with Purdue University and F.A. Miller was no exception.

lilly-obeliskF.A. Miller immediately began about establishing the Lilly Botanical Farm in Greenfield, IN to research Medical Hemp and Medical Cannabis for FIVE (5) YEARS and reporting his findings in 1917.  Lilly Botanical Farms is now the site of
Covance Labs.
A Pharaoh left his mark on the property with the typical Egyptian phallic-symbol/Obelisk.  Lilly is sure to mark their “societal” connection “secretly” on the geography in history by linking this Obelisk to Purdue.  One could have themselves a “truth” FIELD DAY with Lilly and Purdue regarding Cannabis/Hemp.



What is it that Ron Turco is “researching” for three (3) years at Purdue that has not been researched for 10 before?


Indiana Hemp

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