Indiana Senate OKs treating epilepsy with oil from cannabis


This isn’t just something you make-up, nor define.  There are National and International Standards involved in Chemistry.  It isn’t arbitrary for the State of Indiana and their legislature to create their own definition of the CANNABACEAE plant and compounds.

“The measure defines cannabidiol as a plant extract or mixture containing less than 0.3 percent THC, at least 5 percent CBD and no other controlled substance.”

Unfortunately someone forgot to tell Indiana Senators there is a “National Institute of Standards and Technology” (NIST).


Cannabidiol is Cannabidiol.

Indiana cannot arbitrarily define Cannabidiol, nor CBD.

NOTE:  Cannabis CANNOT produce, NOR synthesize THC, nor CBD.  THC and/or CBD are the by-product of the Non-Enzymatic Decarboxylation of the Synthesis of the Product of Cannabis.

Cannabis produces THCA-Synthase (THCAS) and/or CBDA-Synthase (CBDAS).

THCAS and/or CBDAS can be consumed directly with no toxic nor intoxicating effects.

THCAS and/or CBDAS may synthesize CBGA into THCA-A and/or CBDA.

THCA-A and/or CBDA can  be consumed directly with no toxic nor intoxicating effects.

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