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“0.3% THC by Dry-Weight” – What Does It Mean?

0.3% = 1 part per one-thousand times 3

THC = delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol

Dry-Weight = Weight when no moisture is present (a grain measurement)




What does this all mean?

  1.  3 Parts per 1,000 is pretty self-explanatory (0.3%).
  2. delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the Non-Enzymatic by-product of Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid – A (THCA-A)
  3. Dry-weight is a measure for grain.  Grains are dried and then weighed so the buyer only pays for a specific weight of proteins.




What is the basis of this Standard?

  1.  3 parts per 1,000 is the dosage of THC determined to make a dog walk with a “drowsy gait”.
  2. Cannabis, nor Hemp can genetically produce THC.
  3. Cannabis seed and Hemp seed produce Achene or fruit, not grain.

This really doesn’t give us much of a standard, nor with the volatility of the compounds can we consider that ANY testing procedure or protocol makes any sense at all, short of testing the dried flowering-tops or buds of those who do choose to cure the full duration to “Dry-Weight.


Please click on the following two genome links:

These are the genome browsers to the 2011 Genetic-Mapping of Cannabis, and Hemp.

2011 University of Toronto: Hemp Genome

2011 University of Toronto: Cannabis Genome


NOTE: Look at the “Cannabinoid pathway genes“, and just below and the “top” or end of the bio-synthetic pathway you see:

Purple Kush” Cannabis:  THCAS (Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid – Synthase, an enzyme).

Finola” Hemp:  CBDAS (Cannabidiolic Acid – Synthase, an enzyme).


*****  These plants are incapable to genetically-produce THC. *****

From here man takes over.  Storage conditions and curing determine whether the produce turns out to be high, or low in THCA-A, and as a result a higher level of psychotomimetic-activity produced by the THC when it is used for Recreational, or Medicinal purposes.

Eaten fresh or “Wet-Weight” the plants’ bio-synthetic pathway ends with THCA-S for Cannabis, and/or CBDA-S for Hemp.


If for a moment we consider ALL the plant as Cannabis;  In general,

Cannabis Indica has a higher CBDAS to THCAS ratio.

Cannabis Ruderalis tend to be CBDAS dominant with no traces of THCAS.

Cannabis Africana and Afghanica tends to be high in THCAS and CBDAS.

Cannabis Rasta tend to be high in THCAS and little traces of CBDAS.

Cannabis Americanus and Sativa seam to be a hybrid with the THCAS features mellowed, but not sedated (Blue Dream).


If there is NO THC, where does it come from?


How is THC calculated?

Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GCMS) is a technique for the analysis and quantitation of organic volatile and semi-volatile compounds. Gas chromatography (GC) is used to separates mixtures into individual components using a temperature-controlled capillary column.


Temperature is the variable to expedite Non-Enzymatic Decarboxylation.  The moment Temperature is introduced, THC is man-made.  PERIOD.

What we have is maligned procedure and protocol that some may feel is well-intended, however, they do not have the Science, nor Genetic facts.  Those who say: “So what, it is Illegal”.  We say, Nonsense, it is an “Inalienable Right”.