Hemp 101: Speaking On Authority (SOA)

HEMP 101: Speaking On Authority (SOA) For over five (5) years, Indiana Hemp Association has shared the HONEST TRUTH about Cannabis, Hemp, THC, Cannabidiol, & CBD with you. Cannabis / Hemp CANNOT produce, NOR synthesize delta-9-Tetrahydroncannanbinol (THC). Cannabis / Hemp CANNOT produce, NOR synthesize Cannabidiol (CBD). CBD and THC are MAN-MADE LONG AFTER HARVEST. Rather than

Hemp Moguls Charged With S.E.C. fraud.

Forbes Magazine Reports:  "SEC Charges Poster Boy Of Pot Penny Stock Bubble With Fraud". Just a short year after Forbes reported this story on the "King of Pot", not the "Poster Boy of Pot Penny Stock Bubble".  Such titles being thrown around as royalty. (https://www.forbes.com/sites/nathanvardi/2016/06/21/sec-charges-king-of-pot-with-investment-fraud/#721ead0a3df8) Hardly a Poster of Pot Penny Stocks, but

Police Raid Grocery Store Chain Over Hemp CBD Oil

It has been rumored around Indianapolis that Police have been raiding Grocery & Retailers for selling Cannabidiol (CBD) commonly referred to by the initials CBD.  Cannabidiol - CBD is a medicinal ingredient in CBD Oil products sold over the counter in most states, in dispensaries and through druggists.  CBD has become

NASCAR says no to Colorado hemp oil sponsor

  DENVER - A Colorado-based hemp oil company likely got more than its money's worth after NASCAR ordered a driver to remove its logo from his car last week. While Veedverks never got exposure on national television, the incident made numerous headlines over the weekend. On Friday, NASCAR told Carl Long the logo

Governor Signs Indiana’s First Medicinal Cannabis Bill

"Governor Signs Indiana’s First Medicinal Cannabis Bill" FROM: http://indianapublicmedia.org Gov. Eric Holcomb signed Indiana’s first medical cannabis law Wednesday. It legalizes a form of cannabis – cannabinoid oil or CBD – for the treatment of epilepsy. At the beginning of the session Holcomb indicated that he did not support any proposals that allowed the use of

Indiana Senate OKs treating epilepsy with oil from cannabis

  This isn't just something you make-up, nor define.  There are National and International Standards involved in Chemistry.  It isn't arbitrary for the State of Indiana and their legislature to create their own definition of the CANNABACEAE plant and compounds. "The measure defines cannabidiol as a plant extract or mixture containing less

The Hemp Association issues Statement of Principles/Corrects FDA.

The Hemp Association recently issued their Statement of Principles on Cannabis/Hemp.  Executive Director, Patrick J. compiled the information over the past five (5) years from various Chemical, Scientific and Genetic tests and reports issued since 1996.  This includes the 2011 Genetic Mapping of both "Chem Dawg" - Cannabis strain, and