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It has been rumored around Indianapolis that Police have been raiding Grocery & Retailers for selling Cannabidiol (CBD) commonly referred to by the initials CBD.  Cannabidiol – CBD is a medicinal ingredient in CBD Oil products sold over the counter in most states, in dispensaries and through druggists.  CBD has become much the rage overnight providing relief for Chronic conditions that seemingly only get worse with continued Pharma use.

WTHR reported Tuesday: “Indiana State Excise Police conducted the raid June 14 at Fresh Thyme Farmers Market near the Indianapolis-Greenwood border, confiscating thousands of dollars in products containing CBD oil.”

Hemp cannot produce CBD, and CBD does not just produce itself.  CBD is a Man-Made by-product of the Non-Enzymatic Decarboxylation of Cannabidiolic Acid (CBDA).  CBDA is the result of curing / fermenting the Products of Hemp which are Cannabigerolic Acid (CBGA) and Cannabidiolic Acid Synthase (CBDA-Synthase/ CBDAS / CBDA-S).

So it begs to ask:  If Hemp cannot produce, nor synthesize CBD, why is Hemp prohibited for “up to 0.3% THC by Dry-Weight”?


Did Governor Pence sign a Law that is a fraud in the face of science?  2011 Genetic-Mapping shows ZERO PERCENT THC.


Good Question.

CBD works by activating the Endogenous Cannabinoid Receptor System or ECRS.  Humans have a Synaptic Signaling System which signals the brain to mitigate pain & suffering and presumably to repair and heal the body.  However, some times the pathway between the brain and the area of concern are injured and cannot transmit to the brain and back.  This Synaptic

Signaling System is called: Classical Synaptic Signaling and develops normally in humans.

Humans have another FULL SYSTEM lying dormant.  The other system, Retrograde Synaptic Signaling is a Micro-Cellular Synaptic Feedback System that acts at the Cellular level for Intra & Inter-cellular communication without engaging the brain.  In fact, the Retrograde Synaptic Signaling System can heal the body while both the Conscious and Sub-Conscious are put to rest.  THC is quite effective to resting the Sub-Conscious, and CBD is effective to rest the Conscious mind.  Combined, these medicinal compounds act to Modulate and Regulate, much like a Volume and Tuning knob do on a radio.  THC brings the Jazz or Led Zepplin, and CBD can turn down the Volume if necessary.


Because.  Cannabis cannot produce, nor synthesize THC either.  Again, Cannabis cannot produce, nor synthesize THC, and THC does not just make itself.  THC is a Man-Made by-product of the Non-Enzymatic Decarboxylation of Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid – A.


Hemp is NEVER Marijuana.  Cannabis is NEVER Marijuana.  Marijuana is Cured Cannabis.  Prohibit curing of Cannabis and M


arijuana is Solved.  Prohibit Growing Cannabis to Prohibit curing of Cannabis, and that ONLY means Society has SO MANY SOCIAL ILLS it is living in Cognitive Dissonance of Truth.

U.S.A. Hemp Hearts are now being grown in CO, WA, VT to supply the food demands of American Hemp eaters who formerly were forced to import their Hemp Achene across the border from Canada.