The STING Act I (1743-1796)

The STING Act II (1796-1871)

In 1860 alone, 65 Patents mention Hemp

Hemp Decorticator
Hemp Gun Powder
Hemp Plastic (called “Bakelite)

The STING Act III (1871-1942)

Purdue Researches Cannabis with Lilly Company

Eli Lilly writes Doctoral Thesis on Physiology of Cannabis Sativa

DuPont & Roosevelt Families Marry

DuPont Patents (Hemp “nylon”) fiber drawn through hydro-carbon distillates by Wally Carrothers.

Roger Adams (Mentor of Wally Carrothers, inventor of Hemp “nylon”, Isolates & Patents CBD and THC)


A three-month-old baby chimpanzee named Ruben at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo.

Rinse, Repeat