The Time for Hemp JOBS is (1808 Now!, 1908 Now!, 2008..Now!) – 2018 NOW!

US Hemp Gardening/Farming Jobs Timeline:

1743/1764: King Geo III issues Hemp Currency Acts to prevent Hemp as a Legal Tender in the Colonies.

1776: War

1796: Dem-Reps fancy themselves into Government on a “Jobs” platform.

1808: A Treatise on Hemp

1908: The Comparative Physiological Effects of Several Varities of Cannabis Sativa

2008: Environmental Costs of Hemp Prohibition

2009: “China’s Hemp Research Centre says most parts of the hemp plant can be used in a variety of applications. The seed is an excellent source of edible oil also suitable for cosmetics and lotions, while the leaves and flowers are used in medicine. The Centre has also made viscose from hemp hurd (above), the fibrous core of the hemp stalk which, because of its short length and low density, is usually treated as waste. Hemp hurd was used in the wood/plastic composite outdoor flooring of the Beijing Olympic Park.”

SOURCE: (Hemp’s future in Chinese fabrics)

2014: At the time, it was asked of Indiana State Seed Commissioner/Indiana State Chemist (in charge of directing how Indiana will become a Hemp State); “What are the 2014-2018 Plans for Indiana Hemp Research”, and the answer was: “UhanUh”

2017: There was/is no plans for Indiana Hemp Research… “Wink, wink” ~ Purdue Hemp “Researcher”

2018: “Indiana is not ready for Hemp” – Gov. Holcomb


Indiana Hemp
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