Treat Cannabis Like Alcohol





No License is required for Home-Brewing.  No License is required for Home-Growing.

This is a Civil Right, Human Right, and Inalienable Right to Nature’s Complete Plant™.

Citations Affected:  IC 15-15-13

Synopsis:stock-photo-tomatoes-and-marijuana-cannabis-hemp-plant-growing-inside-of-green-house-in-the-garden-of-156138740[1]  Non-Commercial Cannabis/Hemp.  Non-Commercial Cannabis/Hemp is the Inalienable Right of every INHABITANT of the State of Indiana.  This Right does not allow the Inhabitant to offer Cannabis/Hemp for sale, nor barter Cannabis/Hemp for services in return other than similar or dissimilar Cannabis/Hemp goods.




Sec. 1 (a)  The Provisions of this title shall not prohibit the following:

(1)  The manufacture of cannabis or hemp that is not offered for sale and is used for only the following purposes:

  • (A)  Personal or family use.
  • (B)  Use in the residence of the person who manufactures the cannabis or hemp.
  • (C)  Use at organized affairs and exhibitions.
  • (D)  Technical or sensory evaluations.
  • (E)  Cannabis or Hemp educational seminars.
  • (F)  Cannabis or Hemp competitions, including contests, tastings, or judgings.

(2)  The manufacture, sale, possession, transportation, or use of Industrial CannRichard+Friar+Poo+King[1]abis or Hemp.

(b)  The transportation and possession of Cannabis or Hemp described in subsection (a)(1) shall not be prohibited but shall be subject to the applicable provisions of this title.





Indiana Hemp

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